Thursday, 25 December 2014

Squeeee!! Too Cute

"Squeeee!!" has become something I'm known for, and it's my go-to "sound" for when I find something cute; usually too cute for words. On Facebook, I'm well known for it among my friends, and it's usually elicited by kittens, or cats in general, as well as anything else that I find cute.

Today's Squeeee!! is the most adorable show around, Animal Planet's Too Cute. If you love cute baby animals and love to watch them grow ad begin to explore their worlds, then you'll love this show. Whoever came up with this show - and it was inevitable - had a brilliant idea. The narrator has a down-to-earth way about him that gently encourages people to follow the babies through the first ten to twelve weeks or so of their lives. Each episode features three litters of various breeds or either dogs or cats, and occasionally they'll mix it up and have litters of both animals. They've even had one or two episodes of other animals, also head-explodingly cute.

This show is completely non-offensive and super safe for anyone to watch, and it's harmless and something everyone can enjoy. Unless you're heartless and hate animals, but I really don't know anyone like that, thankfully! Who truly can resist the cuteness of a baby, whether it's a human infant or a kitten or puppy or foal or bunny or duckling or....? Well, you get the idea.

Now some people wouldn't think that "completely non-offensive and super safe for anyone to watch, and it's harmless" would be worth watching, but it is. It's an hour well spent, in my opinion, and I know others who think the same as me.

The show always features two or three babies from each litter as the stars of the show, and they show what happens to them when they're old enough to be rehomed away from their mamas. Their updates are also shown at the end, and we get to see how the featured babies are doing.

I just can't get enough of this show, and today Animal Planet is having a marathon of it, ending with the 1 PM episode. After that, it's on to other shows.

If you love cute and are prepared for an overload of sweetness, then please tune in to this show sometime - it normally airs Saturday evenings on Animal Planet - & be prepared for your head to explode and for your teeth to hurt from so much sweetness. You won't be sorry.

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