Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Merry Christmas Eve!!

Merry Christmas Eve!!

Hi, all! I hope that you're doing well. Some of my friends have already started their Christmas days, but here in Canada, that's still several hours away. Right now, it's almost 12:30 in the middle of the day on Christmas Eve, & it's a rainy cool day. I went out to run some errands this morning, & it was good. People were quite pleasant, & it was cool to just chat with some people, even if I didn't know them. I then came home & went to bug Dublin a little bit, just because he hadn't been at the door to greet me. In typical cat fashion, he was sleeping on the bed & looked sleepily up at me. Then it seemed to hit him that it was me, & he got a little bit excited. He started purring & happily received my affectionate greeting. Then he put his head back down and placed his tail back over his face, obviously telling me that he wanted to go back to snoozing.

So I left & placed the presents I had here into their gift bags and tissue paper. So that's done! I only have the one for my brother to take care of, & that's at my parents' place because Mom & Dad picked it up for me. I couldn't find one of what I wanted here in Agassiz, but that's fine. At least it's bought & is ready for me to wrap up.

I didn't blog yesterday, although I did intend to. Oh, well! I don't actually have much to say today, either. That's all right, too.

I'm watching Border Security, a TV show about Australia's border control. It's interesting, & I also like watching New Zealand's border control show. The things that some people try to get away with truly amaze me and the stories they tell are fascinating. There's certainly a lot of creativity involved, that's for sure! Sometimes I can't help but chuckle at some of it.

Two packages from South Africa were just X-rayed, & they look like they held snakes that were possibly live. *shudders* I can't imagine why someone would do that, unless they're trying to either harm someone or smuggle the poor creatures in. What an awful way for those animals to be transported!

A quarantine vet was brought in & confirmed that they were live snakes who'd been fed. Then they were brought to a zoo so that experienced snake handlers could open the boxes & see what was what.

Ai yi yi!! A green tree python is one snake. What a gorgeous green colour! I don't like snakes, although I know that they're not slimy. I had a huge boa constrictor across my shoulders, and it was weirdly cool to feel its muscles moving. It was actually kind of interesting. There's another kind of snake from the boxes, but I didn't catch what kind. Poor creatures! No creature should ever have to travel like that, & now they said they'll have to euthanise the snakes since they might carry diseases that'd wreak havoc on native snakes, even if they're healthy. What a shame!

I'm very happy! Today I went to Kent Outdoors, which is the local outdoor store. I was looking to see if I could find something for a last minute present for someone, but I couldn't. I did ask about a rain poncho because I've been meaning to find one, & the guy showed me a really good one. Yay!! Now I can go out in the rain for walks, even when it's pouring down, & not have to worry about getting soaked. An umbrella's fine, but sometimes it gets super windy here, & then, of course, umbrellas are useless. So this'll be good. It has snaps for the sides and a couple at the neck, & it has a drawstring hood. It's big enough to go over whatever else I'm wearing, & so I can carry a purse or some such underneath as well, and it won't get wet. Oh, how cool! I'll be able to go out into the bush, too, if I want. Oh, happy day!

Dub just left the bedroom - I guess he decided that it was time for snuggles. Instead of coming right over, he crossed the room, sniffing as he went, & now he's by my feet. He's such a little love! He really wants to snuggle, and so I shall move my laptop so that he can.

So I hope that each and every one of you is having or will have a very merry and safe and happy and cozy Christmas or other holiday if you celebrate some other special day. Blessings!!

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