Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Pantry Challenge – day 7

So, I don’t really have anything to report today about the challenge itself. I’ve not been hungry today. The start of my low-hunger-during-hot-days has begun, & today’s the first day in which I haven’t really felt like eating – just drinking a lot Well this is fine. I can stand to have a few days here & there of very little eating. This helps me to keep well & truly hydrated during the super warm days, & that’s always a good thing.

I did take the casserole that I froze last week (see Pantry Challenge Day 3 – a good evening for an ice cream-less milkshake with Nutella to see what I mean if you can’t remember last Friday’s post) & ate it. Of course I thawed it a bit before heating it up in the microwave. I also ate the frozen bananas & Nutella mixture I’d put together yesterday. It had a bit of a spiciness to it because of the cold chai latte that I’d added to it instead of milk yesterday, & it was so very good & hit the spot.

Otherwise, I’ve just been drinking lemonade & water, & I don’t feel one bit hungry. Mind you, it’s not yet all that late – only about 4:25 PM – & so I might get hungry a bit later, but overall, this has been a very non-hungry day, & that’s a good thing.

Either tomorrow or Thursday I plan on going through my pantry & making a list of what I have. When that’s done, I’ll see what I have in my freezer. This way I can do some planning & see about getting some ideas of how to make good meals from what I have, whether I come up with them on my own, find recipes that work in one of the many cookbooks that I have, or see what’s online that I can do or improvise. It’ll be cool to see what I come up with. I’m looking forward to it!

Earlier today, Dublin & I spent hours outside in the sun & fresh air. I’m definitely not one who usually sits outside in the sun just for the sake or sitting in the sun, but after the past few days, I felt that a large dose of Vitamin D would do me some good. I’m quite sleepy now from all the fresh air, but I do feel better for it. It was cooler this morning, & there was a wonderful breeze that kept me from getting overheated. Also, I spent quite a bit of time in the pool. The family upstairs has a child’s pool that’s not a bad size. I’m 168 cm, or 5’6”, & I can stretch out in there with plenty of room to spare. It’s certainly not deep, but then you don’t want it to be if you have small children in it. There’re two small boys living upstairs – 2 & 4 years old.

I know that I got some colour today, & there’re more freckles than before on my arms. I think my legs got a wee bit of colour, although it’s hard to tell right now. They’re so pale, but they were in the sun. They don’t feel like they got sun, but I know that they did. The back of my neck & upper back certainly did, but that’s all right. I’m not burnt & made sure that I didn’t stay out nearly long enough for that. I can’t tell by my face because it’s almost always on the red side.

Anyway, I feel much better today, & that’s a good thing, since I start my first of my regular shifts with my new client tomorrow morning. I’m glad that I’ll be working earlier in the day so that I won’t be working when it’s too hot. It’s not a long drive from here, & that’s cool. I’m glad that I now have two clients – every little bit gained is more than what I had before.

Now I’ll post this. I hope that you enjoy reading it! Smile

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