Friday, 26 June 2015

Pantry Challenge – day 17 & a super refreshing frozen treat

Something that should’ve been obvious to me wasn’t until I decided to try it. As I’ve already told you, I’ve been using frozen bananas to make something as smooth & creamy as ice cream, but it doesn’t have any cream or milk unless I decide to add some to the bananas. I’ve always loved bananas, but frozen ones that’re well blended is, to me, one of the best foods in the world. It’s so good & healthy, & you can do whatever you want to it. Basically, what you do to ice cream, you can do to frozen blended bananas. For those who’re on a non-dairy diet of any kind & who can have bananas but miss their ice cream, this is a really good thing.

So, the frozen banana thing has already been a part of my life for a long time. Today, though, I decided to add some other frozen fruit that I had to it.

The other day I went through a thing of strawberries that I had. Some were bad, & so I tossed those. I saved a few to eat that day – with Nutella. Mm! – & froze the rest. Yesterday, Mom sent home a bag of frozen blueberries & a bag of frozen raspberries. So I took some of the frozen strawberries & raspberries & blueberries, & I put them in a bowl to thaw a wee bit. Just enough to make them easier to blend, since my hand blender’s not the most powerful thing but does a great job of making my bananas super smooth. I had to let the bananas I’d taken out of the freezer thaw a wee bit as well.

After a while, I returned & got the bananas super smooth. I could’ve eaten it just like that, but I wanted to add the other fruit. The berries were still quite frozen. I added them to the bananas, &, while the mixture didn’t blend into a super smooth mixture, it’s still wonderful. The chunks of berries adds an extra bit of goodness like ice cream often has.

No sugar or milk or cream or yoghurt or anything else added, & so this is good for almost anyone to eat. I know that some people have allergies to strawberries or bananas, & I’m sure that blueberries & raspberries are also not good for some people. You know what, though? This sort of thing can be adjusted. I don’t know what else would work like bananas to make a smooth & creamy mixture, but if there’s something else, please let me know. I’d love to know, & I know that others would as well.

The great thing about fruit things like this is that you can do anything. You can have any fruit with it, & it’s always refreshing & cool on really hot days. I’m sure that you can come up with a hot version, if you prefer, for winter as well, but I’m in full on summer mode right now – it’s unseasonably hot here. So cold foods are on my mind these days when it comes to food.

I’d love to know what your favourite summer treat is, especially when it comes to fruit & frozen goodness.


Here’s a bit of those frozen goodness.
You can see
scrummy chunks of
strawberries & blueberries
here. Mmmm!!


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