Thursday, 8 January 2015

Four Habits I Want To Make Daily Ones

Well, my daily blogging streak was broken, but oh, well. I only missed one day. Not a big deal. At least not in my book. Smile

The NaBloPoMo prompt for yesterday was whether I had a habit that was hard to build but that I was happy that I’d worked to build them. I can’t really think of one for this, & so I’m not going to write about that one.

Today’s NaBloPoMo prompt is:  Tell us about the habit you wished you had. What stops you from trying to build it into your daily life?


There are a few, but the one that immediately springs to mind is cycling. I have had this as part of my near daily life in the past, but then I stopped cycling when I started working straight nights.

NOTE:  When I talk about working “nights,” I actually mean working nights, as in what most people called “graveyard shift.” I don’t like calling it that after working nights in a nursing home & experiencing the loss of some residents on various shifts at night. It’s not a superstitious thing; just a quirk of mine. My dad’s the same way, & he didn’t experience the same thing, although he did work nights over the course of his working life.

Cycling just didn’t work out as a practical part of my schedule when I worked nights, although I did get the odd ride in. I miss it, though. It’s my favourite kind of exercise and it’s incredible, in my book.

So what’s been stopping me from making it a part of my daily life now, or my mostly-daily life? I can’t really say, except laziness, most likely. Once night shift ended, I should’ve started it up again, but I didn’t. I had sunk into a depression a while after that job ended because work wasn’t coming my way, & I just didn’t feel like doing stuff. I know that it would’ve helped me to be active & to do things I loved, but I started feeling like I wasn’t worth it.

But what about now? One job just ended last Friday – I was told that my services were no longer required, & it was through no fault of my own – & I have a lot of spare time, aside from looking for work & studying a course I’ve had for a long time but am now really getting back into.

Sunday night & early Monday morning, there was a huge dump of snow. Yesterday & today are beautiful – crisp & clear – although a bit cold. The cold doesn’t bother me, but the wind that’s also here is a hindrance. I’ve tried cycling in the wind, & I’m not fit enough to do it. If the wind’s at my back, then, yeah, fine. It’s fairly easy since the wind’s helping me along. Cycling into the wind, though, is a huge challenge that I’m not ready for. This is perfectly valid reason for not cycling right now.

I’m going to wait ‘til there’s a non-windy day, or at least a non-windy part of a day. Then take my bike out. Even if it’s just for a few minutes, at least I’ll be getting out.


I love crochet! It’s my favourite craft, and it’s something I’m good at. I’m not saying that to be vain or proud or what-have-you, but it’s true. I’ve picked it up quite easily and I find most stitches that are new to me very easy to pick up. I love it and find it fun. I also love being creative and making up my own patterns. It’s great!

So why isn’t it part of my daily life? It was part of my almost-daily life up until a few months ago when I ended up with a sore elbow & my right hand would often go numb after just a few minutes of crochet. I’m fine now, but back then, it was so frustrating. I was in the midst of trying to make Christmas presents, but I couldn’t make the ones I had planned.

I have been crocheting today, and I’m going to do so again tomorrow. Now that I’m no longer experiencing elbow pain that causes my hand to go numb, there’s no excuse for me to not crochet.


Writing is something I love to do. So why don’t I write every day? I’m starting to with my daily blog posting – or close to daily – but my writing passion is stories. I have so many ideas!

For me, writing in the morning – like a lot of other things – is best in the morning. When I get up in the morning, I almost always sit on my love seat, turn on the TV, & go onto FB. Instead, there are many other things that I could be doing first. Devotions, breakfast, exercise, writing. I have to make writing a priority since it’s something inside me that has to come out. Even if I don’t ever get published, at least I’m getting my stories out. I’m not in it to be published – although I admit that’d be great. Rather, I write because I love it and just plain enjoy it.


I’m a musical person. I sing, play guitar, flute and piano – piano’s my absolute favourite, but I rarely get the chance to play one now. This makes me sad. I think the main reason I’ve given up doing music as much as I’d love to is because I really miss playing the piano. That’s hard, but it really shouldn’t stop me from playing the guitar or flute. I do sing around my home, & I am involved in worship in my church. So that’s something.

I need to set aside each day for music, to make it a habit. It’s well worth the effort, and it makes me truly happy.

Final Thoughts

So this is not a daily habit I want to incorporate – just the final thoughts of this post.

I’ve listed four things here that are things that I want to make daily habits, and, aside from cycling, there aren’t any true reasons for not doing them every day. It may seem like a lot to make these daily things, but it isn’t really. I have a lot of spare time, & so it’d be fine for me.

I actually don’t think that these each have to be daily habits. I could do two or three of these each day, although all four fit in right now, as long as it’s not too windy or inclement outside. As long as I’m out of work and have finished job hunting most days of the week, I have plenty of time to have these as part of my life most days. All I have to do is actually just do them.

Of course that can be easier said than done, but it is possible, & I am planning on doing this. It’ll fill my days and keep me from sinking back into depression. I don’t need that. I don’t have to be busy-busy-busy all the time, but as long as I’m not just sitting around doing nothing, I’m good.

Cool Teapot

I love this teapot! Christy – my brother’s girlfriend – asked me if I wanted this teapot, & I said yes. She brought it to Mom & Dad’s on Christmas Day, & it’s so Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! (this is my all purpose Squee!! word for cute. Smile It’s like I’m squealing with great delight like a little girl. haha Smile ) I don’t drink tea, but it’ll come in handy for my yarn when I crochet, or even if I decide to knit regularly. I can do basic knitting & purling, but I love crochet a lot more. Still, I want to know how to knit because I like knit stuff, too.

What I’ll do with this teapot is to put a ball or skein of yarn in it with the end of the yarn out the spout. It’ll help to keep the ball or skein in place instead of rolling all over the place. I saw the idea on FB somewhere & loved it. Smile

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  1. You can do this! I chose as my One Little Word for this year Consistent. And I finally understand that doing something with consistency doesn't necessarily mean every could be every three days, or weekly, or whatever timeframe works for you. Hang in there!

    1. Thank-you so much for your comment, triggerhorse. I really do appreciate it. Yes, consistency is important & there are various ways of fitting into one's life. Thank-you for your thoughts. :)

  2. I wish you luck with getting a new job. I did not have my contract renewed as a teacher early in my career due to the fact I had trouble controlling the students and frankly too naïve to negotiate the politics. Long story short, I went on to a better situation and retired as a teacher.
    I look forward to looking you up during the A to Z challenge. I have a feeling you will be back to cycling soon. Take care.

    1. Ann, I'm so glad that you were able to get into a good situation. :)

      No, I ended up not participating in the A-Z challenge - it just didn't work out for me, unfortunately. I will be back to cycling when the weather's consistently cooler here. We're having a very hot summer in this part of the world, & I don't deal with the heat too well.

  3. I used to get pain and numbness when I crocheted too, have learned to use a different size hook, slow down, and do less at one time. Makes a difference. I've also found by switching around between knitting and crocheting I do better. Cute teapot! Out visiting and gearing up for the challenge, always nice to meet new bloggers.
    Sandy at Bridge and Beyond

    1. Thanks so much for your comment, Sandy. I do appreciate it. Thanks for the tip about the hooks - I'm looking for a hook adapter since I don't want to stop using smaller hooks but need to have a bigger handle. I know that'll help. I don't know how to knit too well, but I'm learning. Thanks for the compliment on the teapot. :)

  4. I love bicycling too but its been a while that I have gotten my hands on a bicycle. I think its one of the best fitness program one can incorporate in their lives. And hey, the kettle looks pretty :)

    1. I totally agree with you about cycling. Unless you can't move at all, there's always a way to get into cycling. The teapot's a very precious thing to me - thank-you! :)

  5. Hi, all!! Thanks so much for your comments. I had trouble accessing my account, aside from posting, & so I just saw them now. Please forgive my lack of response. I do value all your comments & am glad that you've read this post at least. :)